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Digital TV Signal Receiver is a signal analyzer that receives ATSC 3.0 signals in IF and RF band through demodulation and decoding. Digital TV Signal Receiver tester can receive most of ATSC 3.0 PHY standard signal based on LDPC channel coding and LDM multiplexing technology, and it is more smooth with additional functions such as video data transmission through IP, DM function through GUI and RX signal loading Provides a test environment
Key Features
Provides a smooth signal analysis environment through FPGA-based real-time demodulation and easy to update by simply implementing new standards
LDPC Channel Decoder, 2 layer LDM Demodulator with 10,000,000 gate class FPGA
Core Layer Data Rate : 2.2 ~ 2.5Mbps Enhanced Layer Data Rate : 18.2 ~ 27.3Mbps
QPSK , 16/64/256/1024/4096 QAM
FFT Size - 8K/16K/32K
LDPC code, Supports all code rates of r58 specification
ITEM Description
RF InputFrequency Range470 MHz to 860 MHz
Input Level-100 ~ -20 dBm
Band Width6 MHz
Impedance50 Ω
SMA female type-
InterfaceRS-232Monitoring , Control
EthernetMonitoring, Control, IP Stream RJ45, 10/100/1000 Base-T, UDP
Reference ClockInput10 MHz, Sine wave, 0 dBm, SMA female type, 5ppb
Output10 MHz, Sine wave, 0 dBm, SMA female type, 5ppb
GeneralPower Requirement100 ~ 240 VAC, 50~60Hz
Power ConsumptionMax 75W
Weight4.3 Kg
Dimensions (W x H x D)482.6 X 423.3 X 45.5 mm 1RU, 19” Rack Mount Type
RF Frequency470MHz ~ 860MHz
RF Bandwidth6MHz
RF Input Sensitivity-100 ~ -20 dBm
RF Noise figuretyp. 6 dB
Phase Noise 1 Hz : -85dBc/Hz below
10 Hz : -115dBc/Hz below
100 Hz : -140dBc/Hz below
1000 Hz: -150dBc/Hz below
10000 Hz: -155dBc/Hz below
Frequency stability±0.02ppm (-20℃ ~ 70℃)
CNR50 dB
MER≥ 40 dB, typ. 46 dB
type1U 19" Rack Mount
M-PLP DemodulationSimultaneous demodulation of up to 64 PLPs
Number of available servicesTwo independent services simultaneous reception(memory=2^20)
Multiplexing schemeLDM/TDM/FDM
Signal qualityLevel, CNR, FER, MER
Parameter Bootstrap, Preamble,Subframe, PLP information
Baseband packet parsing
ALP parsing
LMT information
Freq. offest, timing offset
ConstellationTwo PLP constellation display
Time Reponse Range600㎲ <
Frequency ResponseSupport
Processing timeReal-time demodulation support
TX IDSupport
ETC Demodulation performance over commercial TV level by high performance channel equalizer and synchronization algorithm
High-performance instrument-level RF stability
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