Integrated Measurement Analysis System
Monitoring RF and Video Stream
Monitoring RF and Video Stream Monitoring RF and Video Stream Measurement Analysis of Map base Analyze on Map Mobile Mesurement
Quality Monitoring ,Measurement and Analysis for ATSC3.0
Supports moving measurement and fixed measurement
Real time decoding and monitoring of ATSC3.0 based on 4KUHD broadcasting streams
Remote control of ATSC3.0 DTV receiver and spectrum analyzer on Windows PC
Recording and playback of measurement data
Measurement data analyze on electronic map
Coverage measurement and analysis with the World Map (Googlemap, OpenStreetmap, Etc.)
Supported equipment
ATSC3.0 Test Receiver: CL-AR3000 ATSC3.0(CleverLogic)
Spectrum Analyzer(Using the SCPI Commad): R&S , Keysight
Rotor - Yeasu
GPS - NMEA 0183
Other equipment can be developed
ATSC3.0 Items
ITEM Description
DATA LEVEL , CNR , MER, BER, FER, Constellation, Time Response Frequency Response, Spectrum
Bootstrap major version
minor version
bootstrap symbol
emergency alarm wake up
system bandwidth
bsr coefficient
min time to next
Preamble preamble reduced carriers
detail size bits
detail fec_type
time info flag
frame length mode
frame length
Decoding parameter Time Window
LDPC iteration
- L1 Basic
- L1 Detail
- Core
- Enhanced
Subframe fft size
reduced carrier
guard interval
num ofdm symbol
scattered pilot pattern
scattered pilot boost
sbs start
frequency interleaver
CTI depth
fec type
mode order
code rate
en_enhanced fec type
en_enhanced mode order
en_enhanced code rate
en_enhanced injection level
ATSC3.0 Stream Items
SLT, SLS signaling information analysis/display
Multi-channel service support/display
MMT/ROUTE packet analysis/display
Service bit rate, media bit rate, signaling information bit rate, etc.
Arrival time difference of audio and video
Display of log information like as packet error occurrence
Real time HEVC video decoding and monitoring(up to 4K UHD @ 60P)
Bit rate, picture resolution, frame rate, MPU/Segment duration, etc.
MPEG-H audio decoding and monitoring(up to 16 channels)
Bit rate, number of channels, channel configuration, MPU/Segment duration, etc
System configuration in vehicle
Monitoring system configuration
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