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Monitoring RF and Video Stream
KMR-U4K performs multi-channel decoding and monitoring of ATSC 3.0 broadcasting streams in real time
Simultaneous multi-signal Support ‘Encoder’, ‘Mux’, ‘Gateway’
Multi-channel decoding and monitoring up to 4K@3CH or 2K@9CH
Input signal error monitoring.
STL, ALP signaling information analysis/display
Monitoring info( ALP/IP/LMT/L1B/L1D/BTS/EA wakkup/BSR/BandWidth/Preamble …)
Preamble info / PLP info / SBF info
SLT, SLS signaling information analysis/display
MMT/ROUTE packet analysis/display
Service bit rate, media bit rate, signaling information bit rate, etc
Arrival time difference of audio and video
Display of log information like as packet error occurrence
Real time HEVC video decoding and monitoring
Bit rate, resolution, frame rate, MPU/Segment duration, etc
Real time MPEG-H 3D audio/AC-4 audio decoding and monitoring
Bit rate, number of channels, channel configuration, MPU/Segment duration, etc
Stream recording for post-monitoring (optional storage capacity)
Input Stream - MMT/ROUTE, ALP, STL
Input Port - Ethernet 100/1000 , RF 75Ω F
Output Port - DVI, HDMI 1.4a/2.0
Optional - HD-SDI, 3G-SDI
Rackmount 19” 1U/2U
Compact mini barebone pc
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