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System summary
Reception quality and Analysis for Coverage Measurement, radio shadow area division
Optimize DMB SFN/Gap-filter network construction
Reception quality simultaneous measurement
Support for broadcast coverage measurement and analysis
First system in the world for DMB measurement
develop with KBS(Korean Broadcasting System)
Provide for KBS, MBC, ETRI, CRMO
KBS DMB Coverage Measurement And Radio wave distribution reserch - Dec. 2005
T-DMB Capital area six licensee jointly Radio wave distribution reserch - Feb. 2006
Submit for KOBA2006 - May. 2006
KBS DMB Coverage Measurement And Radio wave distribution reserch - Jul. 2006
Sales to government agency - Mar. 2007
It won the Presidential Award in 'Radio waves broadcast technology award' - Nov. 2007
Sales to government agency - Dec. 2007
Sales to KBS - Dec. 2007
Main function
SFN coverage and Reception quality measurement
TII, CIR, Sync, electric field strength Measurement
Multiblock, Electric field strength Measurement
Field strength and spectrum measure concurrently up to number of 6 signal
DMB Video Reception quality measurement
TS Sync error, RSerror, Frame error, PSI error measurement
Measurement Data analysis
Measurement Data legend and show on the map
Measurement Data play
playback measurement data and find paricular error point
Measurement Data database management
Systematic management for measure data using Database
Maps, terrain-based analysis
Measure data analyze 2dimention topography profile via RF information and topography data
DMB IMAS setting
DMB IMAS function
SFN Reception quality measurement
Measurement list
TII - Num Of Monitored TII, Num Of None Zero TII, Main Id, Sub Id, Strength etc.
Digital CIR - First Peak, Last Peak, Average Peak, Interval, Distance
analog CIR 파형 - Null Symbol, Channel Sync, Time Sync, Frequency Sync
Electric field strength - dBm, dBuV/m
Audio - Sync, Muted, Sync Lost, ISO_CRC, SF_CRC
GPS data - Date, Time, Longitude, Latitude, Distance, Velocity
Reference List - Environment, Quality, Memo
Measurement data, transmission / headend, antenna, equipment configuration, system logs, etc. DB Management
Data realtime show on the map
Changes in electric field strength, channel spectrum monitoring and storage
Multiblock, Electric field strength Measurement
Measurement list
Electric field strength Measurement - dBm, dBuV/m, Spectrum
GPS data - Date, Time, Longitude, Latitude, Distance, Velocity
Reference list - Environment, Quality, Memo
Up to six licensee Spectrum, channel and Electric field strength simultaneous measurement
DMB video measurement
Measurement list
RDI Sync
TS - Sync, Expected TP, Received TP, Lost TP, Sync Loss TP, RS Error TP, RS Corrected TP, RS Normal TP, CC Error TP, Inner/Outer TP Error Rate
Video Frame - Expected, Received, Lost, Error, Normal, Frame Error Rate
Audio Frame - Expected, Received, Lost, Error, Normal, Frame Error Rate
Video/Audio PES - Received, Error
PSI - PAT Interval, Received PAT, Valid PAT, PMT Interval, Received PMT etc
Measurement data stored in log files and store incoming video file
Measurement data and video playback, tracking a particular point of failure
Measurement data analysis and play
SFN Reception quality measurement and Multiblock Electric field strength measurement data play
Measurement data play and pause, stop
Fast / slow / synchronous playback support, real-time measurement data Map city
Batch-specific data analysis according to the measurement data selection map shown in
Import , Export , modify using management function
New legend, edit, change, save, delete
Real-time, non-real-time measurements city map, store, print, transmit / headend city map
Providing multiple transmit / head-end street, terrain elevation profiles at the receiving point
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