Agos is growing with the company and its customers
System summary
Ease of use, increased reliability and measurement time reduction
Efficient media management through radio environment analysis
Developed under the Leadership of KBS with HaeSeunSystem
DTV IMAS Development - Dec. 2004
2nd DOCR Field Test - Mar. 2005
Technical License Contract - May. 2005
1st, 2nd DOCR Commercialization - Sep. 2005
Indoor reception environment research of KBS DTV - Jun. 2005
DTV facilities for radio wave distribution research - Feb. 2006
Sales to MBC, ETRI - Sep. 2006
Sales to CRMO - Feb. 2007
Main function
Geographic information
Geographic analysis via Gps and topography data predict signal Level using Radio information and topography data
automatic measurement
Instrument control, automatic measurement
Data analysis and make a report
measurement Data analysis and make a report
equipment connection and management module
Different measurement and equipment control
DTV IMAS setting
Measurement Limit
list of measurement
Channel Power, MER(dB), MER(%), BER(BRS), BER(ARS), SER, Phase Jitter, SNR, EVM, Noise Power, C/N, Receiving Field Strength,PAssBand Spectrum, StopBand Spectrum, PassBand Tilt Spectrum
DTV receiver measuring list
Receiver Name, judge, Threshold Level Channel Power, Threshold Level Noise Power, Signal Margin, Noise Margin, Receiver, SNR, etc.
DTV Measurement Items
Frequency Response, Group Delay, Pilot Width Error, Phase Noise, P/A Power Ratio, amplitude distortion, frequency tolerance
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