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Transmission facilities management
Transmission facilities management Broadcasting service area map 2D topography profile rediction analysis Interference analysis Building height Measurement data show on the map Data statistical analysis Broadcasting service area map(Google map) Web version Broadcasting service area map Web version topographical profile map Mobile version Mobile version Mobile version
System overview
Efficient Management of the Ground wave broadcast installation
Efficient data management and statistical analysis
Using propagation prediction function determining the reception and fringe area
Ordering organization
KBS(Korean broadcast system)
Main function
Broadcast installation management
Reception statistical analysis based in Measurement data, Fringe area data
Simulation through various propagation prediction algorithm
2D topography profile
Interference analysis and expectation Broadcasting service area map alnalysis
administrative district/Facilities Prediction Electric field intensity, statistical analysis
terrain / building height , population distribution , terrain characteristics Information show on the map
It supports Google maps
Support for mobile applications
Data Integrated Management
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