RMAS Digital Broadcast
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RMAS Local map Constellation, Eye Diagram, CIR, Frequency Response Direction analysis Report
System overview
RMAS Digital Broadcast System is designed to determine the exact cause of Fringe area through the measurement of DTV channel environment
DTV channel environment measurement
DTV accurate analysis of the electric field intensity distribution measured by the sensitivity of the world's highest level of -90dBm
Evidence of the DTV objective picture quality evaluation via the measurement of the SNR
The screen can be simultaneously analyzed with a channel state through the simultaneous display function
Ordering organization
KBS(Korean broadcast system)
RAPA(Korea Radio Promotion Association)
Main function
DRV-300 ( channel analyzer ) interlock
GPS interlock
Rotor interlock
DTV Band reception and demodulation
Reception Level Measurement - minimum -90dBm Measurement
CIR(Channel) analysis
SNR(Signal to Noise Ratio) Measurement
Frequency Response Frequency answer
Eye Diagram Measurement
Constellation Measurement
Data analysis, Automatic Drawing up of a written report
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