Inspection Stations Vehicle Measurement System
Agos is growing with the company and its customers
Business overview
Maximize efficient to measure radio station
Accessible difficult area can be easily measure
Future Business Bureau Wuxi -based deployment and test infrastructure foundation of Korea Communications Agency (kca)
Provided with active -based business to rapid changes in propagation environment (EIRP measurements , etc.)
Korea Communications Agency
Project period and scale
Until July 2007, December vehicle inspection stations Measurement System 3 meals delivery
Main contents
Provide data needed for automated test stations and test how effective eirp establishment of various media
Inspection of radio stations
Mobile stations , such as CDMA PCS, WCDMA WIBro, S-DMB, TRS
PCS CDMA , WCDMA WIBro , S - DMB , TRS , the mobile radio station
Metrics : frequency tolerance , occupied bandwidth , antenna power , unwanted emissions , adjacent channel leakage power
Automatically reflected in the value of any loss in the signal path (free space loss , cable loss , connector loss)
Real Case
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