Mobile Radio Environment Measurement System
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Business overview
In order to quickly measure the radio wave environment and radio wave quality, a system mounted on a vehicle ex) Terrestrial DTV , DMB , FM , AM
Government agency
Project period and scale
Since October 2006 "Mobile radio environment measurement system" 10 offers until December 2013
Since June of 2008 maintenance agreement until December 2013
Main contents
Central Radio Management Service(CRMS) Director citation award
2009 'Information and Communication Day Memorial ' ' Broadcasting and Communications Committee Chairman Citation Award
Organized by the Ministry of Information and Communication in 2007 on the eighth broadcast radio wave technology " Integrated Measurement and Analysis System " by President Award
Ministry of Information and Communications minister attended in Central Radio Management Service(CRMS) 60th Anniversary Celebration
exhibit in 2008 Radio Frequecny Expo on June 2007.
Real Case
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