Portable Integrated Measurement System
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Business overview
DTV, DMB, digital broadcasting, such as FM I watch to measure environmental improvement projects, such as the roof of the building without using the vehicle portable equipment to measure using the integrated measurement systems, portable instruments and a laptop PC with a system based on receiving a DTV tuner, such as a receiving antenna measurement module is configured as a measurement system
FSH support Tracking Generator equipped, CATV equipment managed by the PreAmp, Divider. DígitL channel Processor, RF signals, Gong Zheng, such as facility Combiner calibration, the system gives you the ability to analyze
KBS, the State Agency in the system integration applied measurement solutions delivery
Main function
DTV measurement and analysis
Channel Power Measurement, measuring various spectrum
Geographical information analysis and measurement in conjunction with GPS
Instrument control automatic measurement, multi-channel analysis
Measurement data analysis and reporting automatic writing
DMB measurement and analysis
Multi block field strength measurements (Spectrum Analyzer performance supportmultiple channels at the same time measurement)
Analysis of the measurement data (measured data shows the legend and map)
Measurement data playback and track specific point of failure .
Analog TV and FM/AM radio signal measurement and analysis
Community reception facility measurement and analysis (FSH3-TV optional)
Check the RF characteristics and measurements (Preamp, Divider. Digital channel Processor, Combiner, etc.)
Analog, Digital broadcast signal analysis
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