Radio Noise Measurement System
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Business overview
A high density region using radio waves 24 hours a day, including the phased transition to measure the noise level and propagate the changes to the survey system
Korea Communications Agency
Project period and scale
June 2009-the propagation of noise measurement system by July 14 and the statistical analysis system 1 set delivery
Main contents
Radio noise (30MHz-3.0GHz) measurement
Saving data from the equipment settings, measurement software, all developed to be able to automate the process
Efficient use of management and propagation of radio waves spread the resources for the realization of the protection of the environment survey
With the introduction of new broadcasting and communications services in a seamless and low-power. High-efficiency device designed to spread the noise analysis
Frequency recovery. Usage for research, such as relocating the city and spread surveillance work reliable critical level (signal/noise-sensitive) data
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